This soundwork is based upon a contemporary palette of site-specific electroacoustic processes, techniques and ideas. Various sustained textures and harmonic material have been created from the spectral manipulation of various architectural ambiences (a.k.a “”buzz tracks””, “”room tone””) and the convolved sounds of two eviscerated pianos found in an upstairs room. Additional percussive, noisy and unpitched interventions were created in open-source / free software and are based upon the electromechanical activation of various architectural features (doorframes, walls, an aluminium ladder, windows, stairways, chairs, concrete and wooden floors). Breath was kindly donated by tom.m. It provides an meditative underlying embodiment of tempo, at times obscured by the feral spirit of the piece. The intention has been to sketch a sonic portrait of a so-called empty site and to foreground the rich, near forgotten histories of this, and many other, derelict buildings throughout North Wales. A post-industrial archeo-acoustic rummage through the latent narratives of place. A sound artist’s entanglement with site, space, history and community as remediated with the glittering tools that litter the bright labyrinth of our digital regime.


from The Complete Sounds for an Empty House, released November 1, 2021
Sounds for an Empty House is a project of Soundlands and Plas Bodfa Projects in collaboration with Amgueddfa Llwch.